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Working Lands/Rural Legacy

Report from the Working Lands project at the Pinchot Institute for Conservation.   Current research focused on understanding the dynamics landowners face and exploring financial and land management approaches that retain family ownership while dealing with the challenges these operations face.  Examples from around the country.

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Strategies for Promoting Working Landscapes in North America and Europe

Report prepared for the Vermont Council on Rural DevelopmentThis report considers strategies used at multiple scales (state, province, country, and intergovernmental organizations) to promote agriculture, forestry, tourism, and rural community development.

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Oregon Working Lands Report

Prepared by the Trust for Public Land. TPL developed the Oregon Working Lands Data Bank project in order to provide accessible Geographic Information System (GIS)-based data on changes to working lands in Oregon. The Data Bank is intended to identify factors influencing the conversion of working lands and bring to light opportunities to protect and enhance working lands. 

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Conserving Working Lands

North Carolina State University.  A land legacy handbook with tools and resources to guide your conservation planning.

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Shell  Oil Co. Agrichemical Advertising Calendar, 1957

This information is presented to provide some insights into the forces that have transformed the management of working lands in North America. These images show a future in which working lands are managed with chemicals and technology — which would eventually lead to economic shifts that displaced million of family landowners, concentrated land ownership into fewer hands, and caused profound ecological and health impacts.